February 08, 2012

House Renovating Adventures

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that we had a few items left on the renovating list. Yesterday we tackled the branch clean up and the plumbing. The branch clean up involved climbing onto the roof and one person holding a branch while the other chain-sawed through it. I picked the holding the branch job, and then we switched places. I even got a picture of me holding the chainsaw!

"Arg, arg, arg!" As Tim Allen would say.

Next was the plumbing. Our tenants had said that the bathroom sink didn't work and that the toilet in another bathroom didn't flush. Ok, we thought, must be the clean-out valve. Sky used the snake, but with no result. After two fruitless hours we were about to call a plumber, when I mentioned that maybe we should try the plunger...just in case they hadn't. And what do you know? After a few plunges, the toilet worked like new. There were two plungers in the house, what have been doing all this time?!? After that, we opened the drain in the sink, and what do you know, this is what we found:

No, that's not a rat..its just a huge hair ball in the sink.
Although it may look like a huge rat, its just a hair ball. Something an early treatment of Draino would have solved in 15 minutes. Gross!

Thankfully we are at the last of the list, just a few paint touch ups, installing a new garbage disposal and a final cleaning.

Happy Renovating,


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  1. I’m glad you’re done with your renovation list! We started renovating our roof yesterday, and we are happy to see the progress! They’ve started removing the old shingles already, and it’s a sign that things are definitely moving forward. We still have a long way to go, but I’m pretty confident we’ll have it all done by the end of the month!