February 23, 2012

First Day on the Road!

It’s hard to believe, but the day is finally here! Today we finally hitched up the travel trailer to the truck and set off on our adventure around the United States! Since this was our first day we decided to take it easy and picked Tulsa, Oklahoma as our first destination. We made it to Tulsa in under three hours with no hiccups. 

Right before we hit the road!
Today was a great day for making our first trip. The sky was bright blue, the sun was shining and it was super nice outside. We knew we were heading in the right path:

All the right signs: heading west and its warm outside!
That’s right, heading West and its 73 degrees outside! Who could ask for more?

Our driver and head canine navigator: Skyler and Chloe
We decided to stay at an RV park the first night since we've needed to dump our Black and Grey water tanks. We also figured the first night on the road might be less intimidating if we were staying somewhere more secure than a Wal-Mart parking lot. I’d done some research and found some good mountain bike trail reviews at Turkey Mountain Park. There was an RV park nearby and their nightly rates weren't too high, so we called them up and made a reservation. The rest of the night we spent exploring Tulsa with a great friend of mine, Kelley, in her very gas efficient car. :o) We ate this awesome fig, prosciutto,sage and goat cheese pizza:

Fig, prosciutto, sage and goat cheese pizza.
And then we grabbed some coffee and chocolate desserts at the Cherry Street Coffee House.

Great place for dessert on Cherry St.
Happy First Day Exploring,


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