February 09, 2012

Going Away Chug Run!

So our local running group decided they wanted to give Maria and I a send-off. We all like to run... and drink beer... so what better activity than to combine those two and race! I'm a decent runner and below average chugger, so if I stood a chance, I'd have to make up for it with my legs, rather than my throat and stomach.

The small crew before the start of the run.
I'll start with the best part first, then explain... I got second place!

Race Report:

Temperature - 41 F

Mile 1:
Ticked off nicely with fresh legs and no beer in the tummy yet.

Beer 1:
The first beer was rough. Trying to slam an ice cold Busch Lite was not the most fun.

Chug Off
Mile 2:
A full stomach with the newly added liquids sure made for a slow start, but I quickly settled back into a comfortable pace.

Beer 2:
It went down alright because I was getting a bit thirsty and Busch Lite is basically water. But, I totally got "chicked" by a girl on the chug and she left 10 seconds before I could finish my beer.

Mile 3:
I was on a mission. Having gotten "chicked" so bad on Beer 2, I had to catch her! Luckily she was having some stomach problems and I was able to catch up and pull ahead by about 20 seconds.

Beer 3:
I needed those 20 seconds, because I chugged slower than 3rd and 4th place, but just barely fast enough to seal 2nd place. Woohoo!

Me "Celebrating"


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