February 14, 2012

We Took a Dump on Valentine's Day!

We took a load of trash to the dump technically..but I thought it worked for the title. :o) We finally finished up at our rental property today!!! We signed a contract on the place earlier this week and all we had left was to clear out the trash pilled up in the garage. So we took the large load of trash to the dump. Some of the trash was renovation related, but mostly it was items left behind by past tenants. Here is a pic of the local trash transfer station:

Sky taking out the trash at the transfer station
We are wrapping up any left over items from our "To Do" list this week. After the dump station we ran a few more errands, and then made our way to a local sandwich joint, Loafin Joe's, where Sky and I used to go for lunch a lot during high school. We figured it was only appropriate on Valentines Day. Turns out they were running a V-Day special, 2 6" subs, chips, 2 drinks and 2 desserts for $14.99!

Eating lunch there brought back all kinds of good memories.

Happy V-Day!


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