February 24, 2012

Tulsa, OK and Route 66

Our second day in Tulsa started out with a slow breakfast at the RV park, then Sky decided to try out the Turkey Mountain mountain biking since we were nearby (read his review of those trails here). Afterwards, we had our first go at dumping the grey/black water tanks. Before leaving town, we’d been watching You Tube videos on how to do this properly (yeah, you know it, wouldn't want to mess this up..). We even purchased heavy duty rubber gloves. Turned out, the hose that came with the trailer was broken; we had to make do with some duct tape. Overall, the whole process wasn't so bad, we need to buy a new hose though.

Ms. Kelley was nice enough to show us around town again, and we decided to go to the Philbrook Museum of Art. This is an old mansion that has been converted to a museum, and I found it very fun to wander the rooms and pretend that we lived there. The art was interesting, and the museum sits on some gorgeous grounds that we wondered for a while. We got a personal tour by the grounds cat, Acer. He met us up at the balcony doors and followed us everywhere we went.

The Philbook Museum in Tulsa, OK
Kelley and the grounds cat, Acer.
Inside the Philbrook Museum of Art.
We stayed the night parked in front of Kelley’s parent’s house (thanks guys!), and in the morning had the choice of staying another night in Tulsa or hitting the road. We flipped a coin, and Route 66 won out. 

The drive from Tulsa to Oklahoma City, our next destination, was pretty uneventful. I have to say, the portion of Route 66 that we drove was not very spectacular, similar to any other back country road. 

Small town America
We got gas at a Phillips 66 on Route 66.
This was Sky’s first time pulling the trailer on a two lane highway with little shoulder room. He did a great job, I didn't worry one bit. Half way there, we pulled over and ate some lunch in our trailer, behind the Route 66 museum. It sure is awesome to be able do that, in the comfort of our own kitchen!

See pictures of Tulsa here.

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  1. Great pic of the Philbrook Museum!