February 11, 2012

Beer Tasting

Yes, I went to a BEER tasting.

A friend of mine, Alex, is a connoisseur of beer, as well as being a home-brewer   He was going to attend a beer tasting at a friend's house and he invited me to join along.  Sounded tasty to me, so I accepted.

Alex's Beer Fridge
This was my first beer tasting event, so I didn't really know what to expect.  The intro was about as glamorous as you would expect, my friend and I walked into the house, and we were led down to the basement by the host's wife, where 4 middle-aged men sat around a poker table.  I wasn't disappointed though, they all looked like they knew how to drink ;-)

Once we got to drinking, I realized I was definitely the novice in the group.  All the guys around me knew facts about how different beers were made, how they got their names and what foods (the host had a plethora of sweet, salty and spicy foods) to pair with the different types.

As a whole, the evening turned out to be a fun and easy-going night and I learned a ton about beer.

Host's Beer Vault
These were the chosen elixirs.

 Tasted Beers of the Night:

Allagash - Dubbel
De Molen - Donder & Bliksem
Bear Republic - Pete Brown Tribute Ale
Three Floyd's- Alpha King
Terrapin - Moo-Hoo Milk Chocolate Stout
Widmer Brothers - W'12 Dark Saison
Uinta - Crooked Line Labyrinth
Panil - Barriqee
Ballast Point - Sculpin
Goose Island - King Henry
Founders - Imperial Stout
Stone - Sublimely Self Righteous
Duchesse De Borgogne

There were many standouts for the night, but my favorite was the $15 Goose Island - King Henry.


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