February 20, 2012

Going Away Gifts

We had several going away parties recently, and got some awesome going-away presents. Here are the highlights. My parents gave us this metal I Love Lucy poster, since we named our trailer Lucy.

One of my favorite shows, I Love Lucy.
Skyler’s mom gave us a collection of “Traveling Necessities” items, including room air fresheners, disposable toothbrushes, a clip-on tiny reading light, and a big bag of treats for the pups. The set also came with the following:

In case of emergency, break open wrapper on chocolate bar..
Last, but by no means least, was the present from our buds Alex and Michelle. Alex, being the beer nerd that he is, thought that we couldn't possibly leave town without stocking the travel trailer fridge with some good beer. Here is what we got hooked up with:

Skyler has lots of new entries to make on his UnTappd IPhone app…

Happy Going-Aways!


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