February 26, 2012

Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge

So we had our second boondocking experience! Before leaving OKC, we did some quick research on the internet on casinos near the Wichita Mountain Wildlife refuge and found several that offered free RV parking. I called them up, and it turned out that the Comanche Nation Casino offered not only free RV parking, but free electricity, as well as an opportunity to get fresh water and dump! SCORE! We arrived on Sunday evening, got situated and made dinner.

Sky, using our attachable grill to make dinner!
Monday was a lazy day as the weather was overcast and called for laying around and reading books. Tuesday we finally got our act together and packed up the pups and hiking gear and headed to the Refuge.

On our way in we stopped by Medicine Park. The quaint little town has buildings that are mainly made out of cobblestones. It was pretty quite when we came by, but we hear its pretty neat to visit the town on the weekends when the locals come together on the square.  

Medicine Park, OK
Cobblestone buildings in Medicine Park
The Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge is located just outside of Lawton Oklahoma. It is mainly rolling grasslands, but does offer a couple of decent sized peaks to hike up to. There is wildlife that roams the property of the refuge, including huge buffalos and long horned steers, as well as fields full of prairie dogs.  

Bison crossing!
These guys roam the property freely!
We decided on the 6 mile Buffalo Trail that promised a wide variety of scenery and possible interaction with the wildlife. It turned out to be a pretty nice hike, not too challenging, but with plenty of picturesque views. 

Buffalo hiking trail

Signs to show follow on the Buffalo trail
Views off of the Buffalo trail
On our way back we stopped in at Holy City. This was built by the WPA, and is a cobblestone replica of Jerusalem. They boast the longest running Passion Play in the US! 

Holy City
Today we are pulling out and heading into Texas. We just found out that we'll be near Austin when the South by Southwest music festival will be going on. We might have to stay in town to soak in some of that atmosphere!

Happy Refuge Hiking,


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