February 25, 2012

Our First Boondocking Experience and Oklahoma City

One of the ways we are hoping to make this trip last as long as possible is to do what’s called boondocking. Boondocking is dry camping, meaning no water or electrical hook-ups, and is usually free. Some examples of boondocking locations are Wal-Mart parking lots, casinos, hospitals, Bureau of Land Management and some Federal land dispersed camping spots. Another type is church parking lots, and we decided to give this one a go in OKC. We picked a park we wanted to be near, then looked for churches nearby using Google Maps. OKC's First Church of Nazarene had a great location, so we gave them a call. We said we were coming through town with our travel trailer, would they mind if we stayed a couple of nights in their parking lot? The answer was “Sure! No problem, see you soon”. THAT WAS EASY! Here is a pic of our parking spot, see if you can find Lucy:

Our first boondocking spot!
The church is located next to Lake Hefner , and around Lake Hefner is a 9 mile biking trail. We are trying to pick overnight spots that are located near good walking areas so that we have plenty of room to stretch our legs and walk the pups. After parking the trailer, we leashed up Sam and Chloe and took a nice 4 mile walk to one of the parks on the lake.

The bike trail around Lake Hefner
We had to be conservative about our trailer batter usage since we were dry camping, so we made dinner with only one light on in the trailer. This was very romantic, but also had a calming effect. We were in bed before 9pm! The night went by with no problems, aside from the fact that our heater blower ran the battery down (we inherited an older battery with our trailer), and we had to turn off the heat in the middle of the night. The temperature got down to the 30s, but we were plenty warm, all four of us piled on the bed snuggling. Sammy even climbed under the covers with me and we spooned. :o) Today we started the day by buying a new, more powerful inland marine battery!

Following lunch and a late afternoon nap we set out to explore OKC. We made our way to the Paseo, the OKC arts district and walked through a couple of galleries. Too bad we won’t be here next Friday for their First Friday Art Gallery Walk! 

The Paseo arts district in OKC
The Paseo arts district in OKC
A gown made out of Legos in one of the galleries in the Paseo Arts District
A gallery in the Paseo District
Walking around the Paseo Arts District
Then we drove to the OKC National Memorial. The monument is pretty spectacular at night:

The OKC National Memorial at night
A memorial to the lives lost in the OKC bombing
Then we walked to Bricktown, a restaurant and bar area near downtown. Now I’m sitting in a Starbucks, we have a coffee between us, some homemade snacks and I’m using the free wi-fi (which is spotty at best..boo Starbucks!). At least the coffee is good!

Bricktown in OKC
Happy Boondocking in OKC!


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