January 30, 2012

Where We've Been the Last Two Weeks

We have been working hard on renovating our rental property the last two weeks. We lucked out and had access to the inside before the month was up as our tenants began moving their belongings to their new place. There are no major items to fix, but a whole laundry list of little ones. We'd put off repainting the whole house during the last five years but this time we couldn't get away with it any longer. So, it turns out I'm not so bad at rolling after all! Now we are down to a few annoying items (plugged up plumbing outlet UGH!, putting the garage door back in working order, replacing a door and burning branches and leaves in the backyard). We are now hoping we'll be out of here in one more week. It's funny how a whole month has passed by and we are still here and I can't say its been too bad.

Skyler, painting primer on one of our orange bedrooms.
We also had a pink bedroom, a purple sun room and a blue hallway.
Happy Renovating,


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