January 26, 2012

Fail #2

This is a slightly different type of Fail.

Skyler and I were picking up our new RV refrigerator in a part of town we'd never been to before, and we spotted an Asian food store. I'm a big sucker for foreign food stores, so we decided to stop in. All in all, it was a pretty ordinary Asian store. We did pick up some pickled mango with spicy chili powder (not bad, it kind of tastes like Gherkin pickles). What was not ordinary was the collection of Cafe Du Monde coffee on their shelves. It was pretty random to be walking down the isle, trying to decipher all the Asian character food items, and see this:

Cafe Du Monde is a cafe in New Orleans that serves famous cups of Latte and fresh doughnuts with tons of sugar powder. What does that have to do with Asian food? We bought some anyways and made our own lattes. 

Happy Asian Food Store Perusing, 


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