January 29, 2012

Mountain Biking at Hobbs State Park

I figured I would elaborate a bit about the trails at Hobbs State Park, mentioned in the previous post.

Trail Condition:

The Hidden Diversity Multi-Use Trail that Alex and I rode on is comprised of four loops with a central trail head.  When combined, you've got a total of 24 miles on this collection of trails.  The entire trail is solely single-track and in extremely good shape. The trail is only three years old, so it is practically devoid of gnarly roots in the path and rocky sections are limited. We've recently had some fairly wet weather, so I was surprised to see how dry most portions of the trail were. The trails are predominately flat, with some inclines and declines through the hollows, but most elevation changes are limited to within 200'-300'. Overall, trail conditions were dry, flattish and clean.


Riding this trail was an absolute blast.  Most of the trails were smooth and fairly flat, so speed was mostly determined by fitness level. The single track itself is around two feet wide, but it is through heavily wooded areas, so some care is needed when threading through the trees at speed. Descents were long enough to be enjoyed and shallow enough that you could mostly stay off the brakes and tear down the hill with some good momentum. Ascents weren't bad, with most climbs limited to 3 to 5 minutes on 10%-15%, enough to get the heart-rate up, but not enough to trash the quads. In short the riding was smooth and dry, and the clean trails made for some fast riding and light braking.

Trail Difficulty:

Easy to Moderate


P.S.  This trail lends itself nicely to trail-running also.

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