January 29, 2012

Hiking and Biking at Hobbs State Park

This weekend we joined our friends for some hiking and biking at Hobbs State Park in Northwest Arkansas. This park was recently built and offers some very nice biking, hiking, horseback riding and picnicking options. The best part is its close to town (only about a 30 minute drive from Fayetteville) and its free! Chloe and Sammy enjoyed the country road drive out to the park in their new crate. I think they really like their new penthouse 360 degree views (and smells!).

Chloe and Sammy enjoying their new mode of transportation on the way to the park. 
The girls chose to go hiking. Michelle, Ashley and I did the Bashore Ridge Loop and the Dutton Hollow Loop, for a total of 7 miles.

Piney Road Trail Head for the Hidden Diversity Multi-Use Trail
Along the Hidden Diversity Trail
Alex and Sky chose to try out the mountain biking and did portions of the Hidden Diversity Multi-Use trail.

Sky, taking a break from biking.
Alex, enjoying the single track trails
Afterwards, we drove to my parents' new lake lot to enjoy a picnic lunch on the deck. The property has some amazing 180 degree views of Beaver Lake, but a steep set of stairs to get to the water. Mom and dad are busy putting together the house plans and meeting with builders to start the construction of their "dacha", a Russian way of saying lake house.

My parents' new lake lot.
We took a quick nap after we got back from the lake, and then enjoyed some good home cooking at Sky's mom's house for dinner.

Happy hiking and biking in NWA!


P.S. Turns out the water in the lake might be a little dirty, as we came home to two unhappy dogs who had to make emergency trips to the bathroom every hour on the hour the rest of that night. We didn't get much sleep...

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