January 03, 2012

Life Curveballs

Happy New Year!! We wish everyone health, happiness and contentment in the New Year! We hope this year will be a new chapter in our lives, we hope to accomplish many goals and find what it is we are looking for. We hope for safe travels and many new friends.

As for the travels, the bad news is as that our "Get the heck out of dodge" date has been pushed back once again with a new life curve ball. We have rental property and one of our tenant's contract is up and they chose not to renew. Bummer. This will set us back at least several weeks as we have to clean the place up, possibly fix up anything that needs fixing and then market it...in the middle of winter.

The good news is we have whittled down our list noticeably. Its amazing how many things one can accomplish without having an 8-5 job. (By the way..I see lots of references to the 9-5 job..does that still exist? I have yet had the luxury of a job where I can come in at 9). We have sold almost everything we own on Craigslist and have documented most of everything else for donation (tax purposes). Our house is so bare, I love it! Spartan living is the new vogue, in case you didn't get the memo. :o)

Happy New Year,


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