December 21, 2011

Marking Through the List...Slowly

So we're slowly making some headway on the 50 or so item list I mentioned in the last blog entry. I can almost see a glimmer of a light at the end of the tunnel! Yesterday we got Sky some new glasses before my cushy work vision insurance ran out at the end of December. Poor Skyler has been suffering the last 10 years with the somewhat dorky glasses he got back in high school, wearing contacts any chance he got. So finally, yesterday, we scheduled an eye appointment, and picked out some glasses! After trying on some awesome Harry Potter-esc ones, along with the grandpa glasses and the Mrs. Kitty glasses, we finally settled on a pair. I'm excited to see him with his new accessory soon!

We also finalized our health insurance, which was kind of a big deal. We've decided to go with the United Health One option. With this option we have to meet a deductible, after which we pay 20% of expenses up to a maximum, after which they pay 100% of expenses. Yearly preventative procedures are covered 100% even before we meet the deductible. Sky and I chose this plan after doing some serious research because we're healthy (knock on wood), have not had any serious injuries (I haven't even broken a bone), and don't plan to start living our life recklessly. The monthly premium was very reasonable in our eyes, and something we felt we could afford.

Let's see, aside from that, we've scheduled a full vet check up for our two pups, Chloe and Sammy, along with an update on all their needed shots and Rabies vaccinations. Today we'll be canceling the newspaper (one of the easier tasks on our list), as well as cleaning up my trusty Honda Accord with hopes of selling her to the highest bidder. Believe it or not, we listed the girl on Craigslist this morning, and 20 minutes later we already had an interested buyer. I really like crossing items off the list!

Happy Wednesday!


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