December 20, 2011


The past few weeks we've been working through the immense list of items that need to be done before we can hit the road in January. This infamous list had about 50 items on it when first we put it together, all ranging from as easy as "put in change of address forms" to "list and sell all unneeded items on Craigslist". Speaking of which, Craigslist is awesome. I know..there are a few scary articles out there about people who've ran into trouble posting on Craigslist, but knock on wood, Sky and I have had only positive experiences so far. It's really nice when you spend 5 minutes taking pictures, creating the ad and posting it and one day later someone shows up at your door, cash in hand and takes this item that you've decided you didn't need anyways. I'd say most of the time people don't even haggle! I've really enjoyed going through everything we own and making mental piles of "to keep" and "to donate/sell". 

Its fun to see how little we can live with. I must admit, at some point in my life I have contemplated living in one of these itsi-bitsi homes

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