December 26, 2011

A Productive Day... Sort of

As has been previously mentioned by Maria, we put together a comprehensive list of 50+ items that need to be finished prior to the start of our voyage.  So this morning we rose early and started banging through some of the tougher items on the list.  Now this can be fun sometimes, when you have a large and monotonous task that you can fully immerse yourself and get lost in. Eight hours later and with three! items checked off the list, we were more emotionally exhausted than physically (we had been culling through 20+ years of accumulated knick-knacks, papers, and memories).

After tasks like these, I like nothing more than to do some extremely simple physically activity, so we decided to go on a nice run at a local favorite trail of ours. We are lucky enough to live two blocks away from a lake and its associated paved and dirt trails. (I usually have to convince Maria to run the dirt trails with me, she is overly worried about twisting an ankle or falling of the trail.)

The run was extremely relaxing... and I got to see Maria slide in to a full-fledged Pete Rose on the back third of the trail. (Unfortunately I didn't get to snap a pic in time, but the one below will do fine with a little imagination...)

Very similar image, but with my wife's face instead ;-)
No we didn't take a seat!
Nice view of the defunct water station from the levy.
Exercising always makes me feel better, it also doesn't hurt to be doing it in beautiful places like this :-)


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