December 30, 2011

Almost a New Year!

This has been a long week! I wish I could take all the events from the past few weeks and sprinkle them randomly into the next few months! My co-workers threw me an awesome going away party and a great going away present (gas money!!), we celebrated Christmas with our loved ones, have gone dancing and closed the bars down several weekends in a row, and have big plans for New Years Eve! We've been slowly making progress on our list...the VERY long list..and I am currently 15.7 miles away from hitting my goal of running 1,000 miles this year...I have tomorrow to run all those miles, wish me luck!

Several times over the last few days we've gotten to the point where we're super stressed with all that's going on at the same time. I won't lie, the idea that we could just forget the trailer, not go anywhere and live in secret out of our house, and keep the blog up for looks has crossed our minds. I have been practicing doctoring pictures; I think these will work with this plan:

What do you think? I think I need to get better at editing photos if we're going to try to get away with that... :o)

Happy Friday!!


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