December 16, 2011

New To Blogging

Wow, so this is my first blog post.  I've been a lurker on countless blogs over the years, but have not had a (the courage?) reason to blog in the past.  Well now I do.

My wife and I have decided to embark on a new journey; we are dubbing it as "A Life Experiment."  For this experiment, we've quit our jobs, purchased a sizable travel trailer and are in the process of selling 98% of our possessions.  (Craigslist has been awesome for helping with the latter!)
Since we have finally made a decision and have been wholeheartedly working towards (and telling people) our goal of successfully moving into our travel trailer and touring the country, our lives have been emotional roller-coasters.  Some friends totally dig what we are doing, others are appalled.  Some family members support us, others question why we are giving up our good jobs and wasting our time and money.  My wife and I personally oscillate between fear and utter excitement about what we are doing, and more importantly, what lies ahead of us.

Over the past 12-15 months, we have been throwing around ideas that will allow us to travel and experience new things.  The ideas have ranged from working for a travel agency, to backpacking around Asia, Europe and South America, to couch surfing for a few months.  We've finally settled on what I consider a "baby-step" : buy and truck and trailer and set off to travel the U.S.

Here is an inspirational YouTube video that helped convince me to stop twiddling my thumbs and just get out and DO MORE!

I want to ease in to this blogging thing, so I don't want to overdo this first post, but expect many more to come, hopefully with some more exciting content too!

I Hope We Can Swim

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