January 13, 2012

Lucy is packed!

Over the last few weeks we have slowly been separating items in our house into three piles: give away/donate/sell on Craigslist, pack up for storage, and take with us in the travel trailer. We chose different rooms in the house to store the different piles of items, and the office became our storage for what was going into Lucy (our travel trailer, in case you didn't know she has a name!). When we were done going through everything, we took a look at the items we'd amassed to pack into the trailer and mentally gave ourselves high-fives for how little we were able to get away with. Then, two days ago, while we were moving out of our house, we started moving the "take" items into the trailer and laying them in their approximate location. I really should have taken a picture, because by the end of the day the trailer was completely piled up and looked like a tornado had hit it.

The next day I spent some time trying to organize Lucy's kitchen area and had to step away for a while because I got overwhelmed with the perceived lack of space. If the kitchen was going to be such a problem, what was organizing the rest of the trailer going to be like? To give you an idea, the amount of space we will be living in is equal to 10% of what we occupied in our last house. Yeah. So yesterday, Skyler and I put in a solid afternoon into organizing everything, and it turns out we have lots of space, it was just a matter of putting certain items (like the dry pantry stuff) in a different part of the trailer (like a nook in the living room). Doing such rearranging actually left us with one large open space, and several decent ones where we could still add stuff if we needed to. By the end of the day we walked away feeling like we could actually afford to take more items...now its just a matter of weight consideration... :o)

Happy packing!


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