January 31, 2012

From One Life to Another

When imagining what my life would be like after leaving my 8-5 corporate job, one of the aspects I didn't think about was injury prevention for a heightened amount of daily activity. I guess one of the reasons I didn't think about it is because even when I was employed full time, I still exercised regularly, and completed my first marathon in December.

Since getting away from sitting down for 8 hours straight as of January 1st, we haven't done anything horribly taxing, we've just been constantly moving. The first few weeks we were packing up our stuff in preparation to move, then we were moving those items around, then cleaning our rental. As soon as we were done with that we gained access to our rental property where the tenants had just moved out, and got right to working on that. On top of this I tried to maintain my running, and I guess something had to give.

My right IT band, every runners worst nightmare, flared up during a trail run a few weeks ago and has been causing me all kinds of heartache since. It's basically an overuse injury, stemming from trying to do much, too soon. I have ordered new shoes and have resumed my go-to stretches for IT problems. I'm really hoping to be rid if this monster by the time we hit the road!

Another funny aspect of being constantly active is that I can't seem to catch up on my sleep. We sleep at least 9 hours a night and I still wake up tired in the morning. One great plus has been that I can eat any time I want, as I am constantly hungry. With all the yummy food mom has in the house, this hasn't been a problem. :-)

Happy Recovery,


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