January 16, 2012

A Blue Kind of Day

The last two weeks were a whirlwind of activity as we worked through the items on our list, moved out of our house, moved and organized Lucy (our travel trailer), and moved into a bedroom in my parents house. Saturday was no exception to the rule as we had the day packed with back to back events. The first was the annual local Russian Christmas play. My sister was a snowflake and my dad played the bad swamp monster. Both did stellar jobs, and afterwards we enjoyed a potluck of some yummy Russian food.

The cast of the Russian Christmas play
Then we made our way to Andre's (my best bud from my last job) baby shower. He and his wife are expecting a little boy in February. Skyler participated in one of the games where he had to drink some punch from a baby bottle, the point being to be the fastest to finish. Let's just say Skyler is out of practice.

Look at all those babies!
We made it home in time to take a quick hour nap, and then met our friends Alex and Michelle (my best bud from running) at Common Grounds for some refreshments before the Blue Man Group show. Back before we found out our deadline to hit the road was extended, they bribed us to stay in town longer by offering us tickets to the show with them. :o) We of course accepted immediately. Who would pass up tickets to that?

One day's worth of calories in a drink..Yum!
We had awesome seats at the show. We were in the "poncho" row, meaning we were close enough to the stage to warrant wearing the provided ponchos to protect us from flying food and exploding paint. After the show we met all three Blue Men, and took pictures with them. 

The Ponchshizzle row!
I swear this guy didn't blink once the entire show!
We fully expect all days on the road to be this exciting... :o)

Happy Blue Men,


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