June 21, 2012

Oregon, Our 9th State!

Tuesday morning we packed up, and drove our last portion of highway 101 in California. We turned off on highway 199 at mile marker 794. What a long state California is! An hour later we crossed the border into our ninth state, Oregon!

Welcome to Oregon!

Another hour's drive, and we pulled into Grant's Pass, where we were parking for the night in a local Wal-Mart Supercenter.

We got a chance to explore Grant's Pass the following morning by bike. I'd say we were pleasantly surprised  by how clean and cute Grant's Pass was.

Grant's Pass: It's the climate!
There were colorful murals throughout town, the historic downtown on 6th street was pleasant and there were colorful bear statues throughout the town proper.

Cool mural on 6th street
Another cute mural
Bear statues around town
Barber bear
Painter Bear
Oregon welcomed us nicely!

Happy 9th state visit!


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  1. What an awesome drive! Hope that you loved it as much as I did.