June 27, 2012

Did You Know? Oregon Addition

Here are some interesting facts we've discovered about Oregon so far:

- Oregon is one of only two states in the US that offer full service gas stations only. (The other state is New Jersey). What this means is that there are gas station attendants at all the gas stations, and you can't pump your own gas, not even if you wanted to. Tipping the attendant is not required, or even expected. We figured this would translate into higher gas prices, but what we've actually found is that gas is cheaper, much cheaper, than it was in California.

- Oregon is one of only five states in the US that has no statewide sales tax. (The other states are Alaska, Delaware, New Hampshire and Montana). Some local municipalities in Oregon choose to access sales tax, but we haven't run into those places yet. What this means is that when you go to Starbucks and the Chai Latte on the menu says it costs $3.95, that's exactly what you get rang up for, and not a penny more. This seems to make our dollars stretch further, especially on the grocery bills! 

- Oregon produces 99% of the US's hazelnut crop. If you're a hazelnut lover like I am, I'm sure you'll appreciate this fact. This also means that hazelnuts, fresh and roasted, are readily available at local farmer's markets. Num!

Hazelnuts for sale at the Eugene Saturday Market
Here is a link to some other interesting facts on Oregon. These three are just the one's we've personally discovered. :o)

Happy Oregon exploring,


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