June 30, 2012

New Friends and Fellow Travelers

We recently had the pleasure of being introduced to more fellow travelers. Heading into Portland, I contacted Kim, from So Many Places, on what to see and do there. She and her husband Brian had lived there for the last five years and she had written very positive things about Portland in her blog. I say this all in the past tense because she and Brian recently left Portland, to start their own awesome round-the-world adventure! (Check out their blog to see what they are up to now)

Kim gave me a long and very helpful list on what to do, but also added that she knew a couple in the Portland area that had traveled extensively, and had gone on a round-the-world trip in 2007. These guys are Jim and Rhonda (and their pup Maddy), and their blog has now been added to our Blogs We Follow list. You can find them at The Next Big Adventure.

Jim and Rhonda
We called them up and they invited us to park our home at their home. :o) They have some gorgeous country property just a half hour outside Portland, and had plenty of flat space for us to park our rig. We hit it off immediately, swapping travel stories over a very yummy home cooked dinner that Rhonda whipped up for us. 

Our awesome parking spot
Home cooked num!
They are in the midst of planning their Next Big Adventure, a drive along the Pan American highway to the tip of South America. This will be a new way of traveling long term for them, as they will be swapping their backpacks for a truck and camper, and plan to bring Maddy along with them. 

Jim and Rhonda's rig
Even our pups had a great time running around together in the huge fenced yard. I'm pretty sure Chloe and Maddy had plenty to discuss in terms of good local swimming holes and epic forest hiking. 

Maddy and Chloe, chillin'
Happy Meeting Fellow Travelers and Making New Friends!!


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  1. Love to see your photos & read about your experiences! It is a big world out there...be safe. Love, your Mama

  2. Hey guys...just caught up with you since we're home from vacation. Thanks for the lovely post!!! Looks like Maddy & Chloe had quite an enjoyable time enjoying the morning:) I'll shoot you an email too but hope to meet up again this weekend or in the near future.