June 10, 2012

Crazy San Francisco

You know you're in Northern California when...

when you're asking for directions, and someone tells you to "go past the nude beach, turn right on Front Rd, then make a left on...." WAIT WHAT? "Did you say NEW beach?" "No, I said nude beach, as in N,U,D,E. You know you're in Northern California, are you not from around here?"

Who knew there were nude beaches right in San Fran? Not me. I'm not prude, its just I'm not used to nude beaches being right by civilization. I'm used to nude beaches being off the beaten path, a long hike away, tucked in a pocket or a cove. So that's interesting.
Here is another example of San Fran craziness. Sky and I were biking on the waterfront on Saturday, right about lunch time. We'd just crossed the Golden Gate and were heading towards the Fisherman's Wharf when this gang of 50 folks biked by:

The back view, out of courtesy. :o)
Fifty nude bikers went by, in the middle of the afternoon, down a busy boardwalk. There were families and people strolling around, and here they were, out in their birthday suits! We saw them later, in the middle of San Francisco, biking down a busy street among cars. Again, I'm not prude, that's just different. They even offered that we join them, since we were on bikes and all. :o)

Aside from that, we've had a blast exploring San Fran. We've been in the city three more times since visiting with my parents. We came right after sunrise last Saturday after dropping off my folks at the airport. We spent the morning walking around the Golden Gate Park, which was drenched in fog. It was super mysterious and secretive, all the fog. 

Walking around Golden Gate Park
In Golden Gate Park
Tuesday was free First Tuesday of the Month museum day in San Fran, so we went back in the city with our bikes. We biked to Chinatown and grabbed some yummy Pho and Singapore Street Noodles there. Then we paid a visit to the Museum of Modern Art, and saw the controversial statue of George Mascone.

This Saturday morning we went back to town. We've had good luck parking on the north side of the Golden Gate, and biking into the city over the bridge. This way we don't have to pay the $6 toll to cross the bridge, or worry about finding parking in the city. Its actually pretty glorious to ride over the bridge. The views are amazing, and you are so high up! You just have to watch for other tourists who are wandering around photographing.

Saturday we rode into the city to Japantown, then made our way east on Market St. There we found a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant and had a super cheap, but super yummy and huge lunch. Afterwards we kind of meandered around town on our bikes, mostly exploring the beaches and waterfronts. There were so many people out, and tons of sailboats in the water. The day was sunny and warm, and once again, one of those perfect California days.

The San Fran waterfront, with sailboats in the bay
San Fran is one of our top favorite cities. We've been kicking around the idea about settling down here after our trip is over.

To see more pictures of San Fran from all three days, click here. Just know..there are some full frontal pics of the bikers in there! :o)

Happy city wondering,


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