May 06, 2012

St. George Ironman

No we didn’t compete… nor would we want to… right now anyway ;-)

On our way toward Las Vegas, we saw signs for the St. George Ironman that was going on May 5th.  Of course we had to stop in and marvel at these amazing athletes.  If you aren’t exactly sure of the iron distance, it consists of a 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 110 mile bike, then finished off with a 26.2 (marathon!) run.  Pro athletes can finish this in around 8 hours, while “normal” folks finished more in the 10 – 15 hour timeframe.  Many of these athletes train for 20 – 40 hours (a part time to full time job) a week for months leading up to iron distance events, in addition to the $700 price tag to participate in this event, so it takes a real commitment to do one of these race.
Trying to Stay Cool on the Run
The race started at 7AM and we didn’t make it to St. George until 4:00, so we didn’t get to see the pro athletes finishing, but none the less, we had the utmost respect for the many hundreds that were still on the race course gritting out their marathon runs.

He Was Competing in a Full Fire Suit
The St. George is a coveted Ironman for a couple of reasons, one, the scenery is absolutely spectacular. And two, this race has similar conditions (hot, dry and windy) and is a qualifying race to get in to the Kona Ironman, which is the annual world championship for Ironman.

Here are two good weapons used in the fight against chaffage!

Cheap and Versatile Vaseline
Wet, Soothing Sponge-Pads
The race was a bit awe inspiring to watch, and certainly humbling for us.

You. Are. An. Ironman!
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