May 05, 2012

Another Great CouchSurfing Experience

There are two Couchsurfing hosts in Springdale, UT, the little town right outside of Zion National Park. We had contacted both before we left Grand Canyon, and heard back from one. She apologized that she could not host us because she lives in a condo right off Main St and had no room for us to park our travel trailer. She did give us her cell phone number though, so we could call her to brainstorm on places to park. When we got to Springdale, we tried parking at a local church, but there were signs everywhere about no overnight parking, so we gave her a call. While waiting on her to call us back, we went ahead and booked a night at an RV park. We should have waited 30 more minutes, because she messaged almost immediately back saying she’d called up the other host, and that he definitely had a place for us to stay.

The next morning we moved ourselves to his house. He lives on the outskirts of Rockville, and lives in one of those places that most folks would say as having a “million dollar view”. His house is situated on top of a hill, and he is surrounded by red rock mountains. Below his house is a green horse pasture and the Virgin River. He also has a perfectly placed back porch that opens up to these spectacular views.

Our parking spot
The house and spectacular views
The backyard view!
Our host was gone when we came in the morning, so we didn't get to meet him until later that evening when we returned from the park. It turned out we weren't the only couchsurfers he was hosting. He was also hosting two French ladies from Canada, and Brit, a girl who is also on a cross country tour to the West Coast. Brit had met two fellows on a hike earlier that day, and they were also invited to stay at our host's house.  We spent the next two evenings enjoying ourselves on the porch, drinking the local Zion Canyon beer and making some killer sausage spaghetti together. 

Hanging out on the back porch with fellow couchsurfers
Once again, this has been a great CouchSurfing experience!

Happy CouchSurfing!


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