May 30, 2012

My Parents Flew Out to Visit!

My parents flew into Reno on Sunday morning, and we drove to pick them up. Our first stop on the vacation itinerary was a stop at the local Thai restaurant in South Lake Tahoe. Although Sky always whines that I only want to eat Thai food, and poor him, he has to enjoy it with me, my mom is just as big fan of Thai food as me, so we had two solid votes for the cuisine! Dad decided to show off by ordering a dish with a spiciness level of 4.5 out of 5, 5 being Thai Spicy Hot, and cried through most of his meal. :o)

My family!
Thai hot meal!
We enjoyed a short hike on the Rim Trail, and then meandered around town and the local beach, eating ice cream we’d picked up at the local grocery.

Ice cream break
The Wyland Gallery had some interesting art on display, and I found a new artist that I like, Rob Gonsalves. His paintings seamlessly transition from one scene to another, combining elements from both to form of complete picture, with a very imaginative factor. Here are a couple I really liked:

The next day we drove all the way around Lake Tahoe, going west to east. We hiked a bit on the Eagle Falls trail by Emerald Bay, then stopped for a picnic lunch at a beach state park on the west shore.

Emerald Bay
Lake Tahoe dock
We warmed up with some coffee on the north shore, and then drove to Secret Cove on the east shore, and spent the rest of the afternoon laying on the beach, scrambling around huge beach rocks and taking pictures.

The beach in Secret Cove
Boulders for climbing
For more pictures of Lake Tahoe, click here.

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