May 22, 2012

Morro Bay, CA

We've spent the last two days thoroughly sightseeing the Morro Bay. To get there, we had to drive 10 miles west off of highway 101 from San Luis Obispo. We parked at the Trinity United Methodist Church in the city of Los Osos, just south of Morro Bay. If you imagine the bay as being a cresent moon, pointing to the left, Los Osos would be on the bottom and the city of Morro Bay would be on the top.

Views off of hwy 101

After parking the trailer and walking the pups, we biked over to the long sand dune peninsula that stretches from Los Osos almost to the Morro Bay rock. There was a marshy wildlife refuge area near the dunes that had signs warning that there might be unexploded ordinances in the area (random…). We made sure to stick to the trails.

Warnings around the peninsula
Walking around the dunes can leave you with a sinking feeling
The Morro Bay rock
Views of Morro Bay off the peninsula
We walked the dunes, then decided to bike the Bay road to the city of Morro Bay to get a closer look at the famous rock that sits in the bay. On the way there we passed the Morro Bay State Park, and rode several single track trails parallel to the road (yay for finally finding many options on single track trails, we love California!). The trails weren’t very challenging, but did offer some pretty views of the wetlands in the bay.

Biking to the city of Morro Bay
Single track biking around Morro Bay State Park
The day we were riding around the bay was super foggy. I think the fog rolled in and out about five different times, with intermittent bursts of sun shine. By the time we got to where we could see the rock clearly, the fog had rolled back in, and the views were obscured. Bummer.

The harbor in the city of Morro Bay
We walked around the harbor for a bit, watched the seals and then headed back to our side, where we caught really pretty views of the fog moving in at the Sweet Springs Nature Preserve.

Sweet Springs Nature Preserve
Fog rolling in
To see more pictures of the Morro Bay, click here.

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