May 06, 2012

The JEM Trail Loop Mountain Biking Outside Zion NP

After visiting the Zion National Park I decided to give Utah's low desert mountain biking a go. I asked around at the local biking shops and heard a unanimous recommendation to bike on the JEM trail, just minutes outside of Springdale, Utah. I did some research, loaded the map onto my IPhone and then set off to explore. Here is my experience:

The Trail Map

This park offers stunning views and some fast riding.

Views off of the Hurricane Rim trail
Awesome Uphill Single-Track!
Mountain biking in Utah!
There is a nice combination that can be put together out of three separate trails (the JEM, Gould's Rim and Hurricane Hill) to give you a complete loop right around 22 miles.  The combination of these trails gives you some good variety of flatish rollers with a couple of steep, quick climbs. Additionally, a large portion of the riding allows you to get your adrenaline fix, as you blast along a 30 ft bluff on the Rim trails. About 70% of the trail is loose rock over hard pack and fairly easy, which you can absolutely fly over, making you feel superhuman with your biking skills.

Steep Little Climb
At the peak of Gould's Rim, you get an awesome view of an oasis of a town within the Utah desert.

A Well-Earned Stunning View of LaVerkin
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