May 18, 2012

Los Angeles, CA

After boondocking for 9 days straight (our new record!), we found a full hook-up RV park in Malibu, right on the beach. Their in-season pricing didn't start until next week, so the spot was only $40 a night (since when is $40 an only? Las Vegas really set the bar…) It’s a bit of a drive from LA, but the location and views couldn't be beat. Also, there wasn’t much to choose from in the LA area…there might be a business idea in there somewhere.
Malibu Beach RV Park
We got cleaned up in their nice, hot showers and headed back into town to walk the strip. Sunset Blvd stretches all the way into Malibu, so we drove that in, passing Bel Air and Beverly Hills on the way. We parked on a residential street and walked onto the strip. It was Tuesday night, but things were hoping. We saw plenty of very nice cars, lots of snazzy looking folks going to late dinners, and loads of dressed up teenagers waiting in longs lines to get into CD release parties.

Sunset Blvd at night
I’d read that celebrities own homes on the Hills north of the strip, so we walked a few steep blocks. I was hoping to bump into Sandra walking her dog or something, I had it all rehearsed “Good evening Sandy, nice pup!” (yes, we’re on a shortened names basis…), but everyone must have been sound asleep. All we managed to see was an excellent view of LA.

LA at night, a view from the Hills
Wednesday we drove stood in traffic around LA. We started the day by visiting the Griffith Observatory. This place holds a special place in my heart. I find it so awe inspiring to stand on the balcony and look out at LA, and imagine all the amazing things that come together in this melting pot of a city. There is a certain energy that one can imagine.

The Griffith Observatory
I had been to the Observatory twice before, but never inside the actual building. It turns out, there is a neat collection of astronomy related exhibits inside, and its free to get in. We watched them fire up the Tesla coil, and then observed the sun through a refracting telescope.

Inside Griffith Observatory
At lunch, we went to The Grove, an upscale mall and farmer’s market near Beverly Hills. While wondering around, we spotted where they were setting up a TV shoot for Extra with Mario Lopez. I’m not a huge fan, lack of cable television in my early years prevented me from getting hooked on Saved by the Bell, but it was still neat to see a celebrity. The guy is in his early thirties, but he looks great up close, he looks much younger in person.

Filming for Extra with Mario Lopez
We stopped by Bob’s Doughnuts at the farmer’s market for fresh just-out-of-the-oven doughnuts. Amazing.

Home of fresh goodness
We finished out the day by paying a visit to the Getty Museum. The museum has no entrance fees, but there is a $15 parking fee, and I would say it’s well worth it. The architecture of the museum alone is amazing, plus you get to take a neat tram to get from the parking garage to the top of the hill where the museum is. There are spectacular views of the city from multiple balconies, and the art isn’t half bad. :o)

The tram at Getty Museum
Sky, taking in the views at the Getty Museum
Today we spent the day on the beach in Malibu, at the Malibu Lagoon State Beach. You can park for free just on the side of the road of the Pacific Coast Highway and walk it in. There were tons of surfers riding the waves. A lot of our fellow beach goers were foreign; we heard lots of German and Spanish being spoken on the beach. Yeah…we had a hard day today.

Malibu beach
On Malibu Beach
The Malibu Lagoon
Tomorrow we take off on highway 101, to explore more of this lovely state.

To see more pics of LA, click here.

Happy golden state exploring,


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