November 11, 2012

The Difference Between Sky and I

While hiking in the Shenandoah Valley the other day Sky and I had a funny moment. We were on the return portion of our out and back hike out to the waterfall overlook. At some point I realized that we hadn't spoken a word out loud in over twenty minutes. I had been thinking about our future plans, making mental to-do lists in my head. I had also been going over potential job interview questions, in the case that we decide to pursue jobs when we get back home. I was trying to remember the work vernacular, the jargon that I’d thrown around the last few years of my corporate career. Words like go-live date, supply chain optimization, forecast accuracy, and supply network planning were busy flying around in my head.

So at that moment I decided to speak up and ask Sky what had kept him so quite during this time. What had he been thinking about? Well, turns out Skyler had been thinking about what he would do in case of the Apocalypse (probably brought on by watching too many episodes of The Walking Dead). He had been busy imagining exactly where he would gather up the needed supplies, how he would procure propane and where he would store it. At the moment I had interrupted him, he had been working out exactly how he’d hide the entrance to our hideaway.


Well there you go. That is the difference between Sky and I. At least we’ll be prepared, in case you know, the Apocalypse happens or if we decide to rejoin the workforce.

Happy Lost in Our Own World Hiking,


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