About Us

We are a twenty-something couple from Fayetteville, Arkansas. After many months of careful planning, we finally decided to follow our dream of full time traveling around the United States with a truck and travel trailer. In 2012 we quit our jobs, sold everything we owned, bought a 27 foot travel trailer and a three quarter ton truck, packed up some clothes, books, games and our two pups and hit the road. We set off to explore the US, one mile at a time! Today we are living life on the road and enjoying every minute of it.

On this trip we hope to make new friends, discover new places, figure out where we want to live next and hopefully learn a little more about ourselves and what we want to do in the next phase of our life together.

Here is a little bit about our family:

First and foremost are our two pups, Sammy and Chloe.

Chloe and Sammy, resting up for the big trip.
Chloe is a German Shepherd and Black Lab mix (the top dog in the pic above), and Sammy is a Weimaraner and Black Lab mix. Sammy was originally named Samson, but as he grew up we learned he didn't quite live up to such a big name, so he became Sammy. Chloe goes by the names of Klo-Bear, Klo-Klo, and the Klo-Bear Report (like the Colbert Report). Sammy is sometimes called Hammy, as in hamster, or Sashimi. I’m really not sure where their nick-names came from, but we switch back and forth a lot. Sammy and Chloe are both 6 years old. Chloe is more active, likes to be included in everything we do, and LOVES swimming and fetching sticks. Sammy prefers to sleep 20 hours out the day, LOVES to cuddle and in general is not as smart as Chloe (but is damn cute).

Our remaining “family” is made up of Lucy and Fiona. Yup, we named our mode of transportation and home. Lucy is a 27 foot travel trailer. We had been looking on Craigslist for travel trailers for over a month, but good deals go very quickly, so we ended up buying Lucy 5 hours after her posting went up. We had originally thought we wanted a smaller trailer, but after looking at what kind of space options we had, we decided to look at the larger trailers and Lucy fit the bill perfectly. We named the trailer Lucy after Lucille Ball, from I Love Lucy, because we thought she would have lots of adventures, but hopefully not get into too much trouble (hopefully we won’t have a lot of ‘splaining to do..).

Lucy, the travel trailer.
Inside Lucy- our kitchen and living area.
Inside Lucy- Chloe and Sammy  make use of our bedroom 
Lucy comes with a bedroom, a bathroom and shower, a kitchen, and a living room area with a dinette style table and a fold out couch. We have room enough to sleep 6 people total (the dinette turns into a bed and so does the couch). We have a large awning outside the front door that we can make a porch with, and an outdoor grill and shower. There is also plenty of storage space, so we were able to bring all of our toys.

Fiona is the last of the clan, and she is our Ford F250 truck. When we got the truck, we thought it should be named something with an “F”, so after looking at a website of girls’ names, we picked Fiona, as in the Fiona from the movie Shrek.

Fiona, the F250.

Fiona is our trusted steed on this mission; she has been pulling us on all those long miles to get us to new destinations. She has a great back seat where the dogs can ride and comfortable seats upfront for Sky and I.

So that's a bit about us. You can learn a lot more about our family, our adventures and our decision to full time travel the US from the blog entries I have written (you can find them in the archives section). I hope you enjoy reading our blog! And...if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to leave a comment!

Welcome to our blog!

Skyler and Maria

P.S. See where we have been so far here (there are also links to all of our photo albums there), view our very first blog entry here, view our first entry after we hit the road here or click on the envelope below to send us an email.

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