November 24, 2012

Quick Fun Facts

While traveling the last 9 months, we've kept track of all of our spending. Down to the penny. (I'm a sucker for numbers, what can I say?) Each time we spent money, we recorded how much we spent, when we spent it, where we spent it, and what type of expense it was (restaurant, RV parking, pet care, etc). This was useful in terms of comparing how we were doing against budget and also just fun to look back on, in retrospect. WE SPENT HOW MUCH ON GAS????

At some point I plan to publish our monthly budget and our actual expenditures.

Here are a few fun facts in the mean time:

- We were on the road 271 days (February 22 to November 19, 2012).

- We ate only 10 times at McDonald's. (And since McD's is our only true fast food joint, yay for us!)

- We spent the most on gas, followed by RV parking, and then groceries.

- The most we paid for gas was $4.39/gl (in LA and again in Newport Beach).

- The least we paid for gas was $2.99/gl in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. 

- Of the 271 nights on the road, we boondocked on 112 of them (65 nights couchsurfing, 17 in a church parking lot, 13 off of a National Forest road, 8 in a Wal-Mart parking lot, 6 in a casino parking lot and 3 parked on the side of the street). 

- On the remaining 159 nights, we paid for the evening by staying at an RV park (152 nights) or by staying at a hotel (7 nights). 

So that's that. Like I said, I plan to share more details in the future, after I compile all the data and build some charts. (Told you I'm a nerd, didn't I?)

Happy Number Crunching,


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  1. I love travel budgets (yes, I'm a nerd too!) so I look forward to seeing your detailed stats. Fron what you've written so far it looks like you guys have a pretty economical travel style though.