November 01, 2012

Our Birthday

Tuesday was Skyler and I's birthday. Yes, we share a birthday! Even though this was our 11th birthday to share with each other, the fact that its on exactly the same day delights me to no end. I grew up a single child, my parent's didn't have my sister until I was 18 and off to college. I grew up wondering what it would be like to share with someone else. Being a single child ensured that I very rarely had to share anything, and in the funny way that people with curly hair want straight hair and people with straight hair want curly hair, I wanted the opportunity to share.

Growing up Sky and I went to the same junior high school. The school had a tradition that every morning after making the regular announcements over the intercom (each classroom had a speaker and we could all hear), they would announce the day's birthdays. Then the lucky birthday folks got to go to the front office and receive free ice cream coupons to be used later that day in the cafeteria. I remember really looking forward to that announcement, not because I was excited about the free ice cream, but because I knew I shared the birthday with Sky and that I would get the opportunity to yell "Happy Birthday!" to him in the hallway. You see, back then Sky was the "cool kid on the block" (at least in my 1 year younger eyes). This was one fact that bonded us together, at least for that one day in the year.

We were born on almost the exact opposite ends of the earth, and somehow managed to meet up with each other in tiny Fayetteville, AR. Imagine the odds of that! Now lets add the very low odds of less than .3% that we'd have the same birthday. I'm pretty sure just those two facts add up to a statistical significance that we were meant to be together. Yup, oohey gooey and all.

So ever since we've gotten together (January 10, 2002 to be exact), I've had the opportunity to share everything. Sky and I share a love for the outdoors and a passion for adventure. We share drinks from cafes, meals at restaurants, and always split dessert. We have one computer between the two of us, one smart phone, one pair of headphones (yes, even those we share when we're watching movies together on the laptop). For a long time we shared one car and carpooled to work. We tell each other everything, open communication is important to us, so yes, we share everything there too, including farts under the covers.

I finally found my twin and married him. I always joke that it's OK, we're from Arkansas. :o)

Skyler and I celebrating our birthday early at Lindsay's place
Sky and "I celebrating our birthday early on Lindsay's rooftop
Happy Birthday to My Best Friend!


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