December 02, 2012

The Comforts Of Home

Now that we're home, I'm finding all kinds of things I didn't even know I missed when we were living in the travel trailer (aside from the three I already knew I missed). The fact that I didn't miss them is probably a good thing, it made for a more content life on the road, but it sure is nice having these things accessible now. Here are some of the things that bring random happiness to my life right this moment:

- Having a solid source of high speed internet from my parent's WIFI. No more searching for that illusive signal and being restricted on our bandwidth.

- Using a nice large stove and all the millions of awesome utensils my mom has in her kitchen. No more trying to decide how we're going to use our four skillet/pan set to cook a three course meal on our three burner tiny stove-top.

- Using an electric teapot to boil our water instead of boiling it on the stove. Now we have coffee steeping in less than two minutes, versus the five minutes before. ALTHOUGH, we have yet to switch back to making coffee in the coffee maker. I'm solidly sold on brewing my java in our french press.

- Randomly discovering a stash of clothes I forgot I had. Before we left on this trip we'd packed up two thirds of our closets into boxes and left them in my parent's garage. We only had space in the travel trailer closets to bring the remaining third. When we got home I was itching for some new clothes (because wearing the same 15 outfits over 9 months can get a bit boring), and I was just about to go shopping when I spotted one of our boxes. Because I hadn't seen these clothes in months, it was like a whole new wardrobe. Score!

There are also more intangible things that we've been getting spoiled with now that we're back, like being able to check out all the books we want at the local library, having easy access to a nice sports gym, sitting down to nightly dinners at the dinner table with our family and regularly meet ups with friends.

Happy hour drinks at Bordinos in Fayetteville, Arkansas
Happy Hour at Bordino's with old friends
Two for One margaritas at La Huerta in Fayetteville, AR
Two for One margarita night at La Huerta with our Fayetteville friends!
We sure is happy to be livin' all high class like this after our trailer, ya'll! :o)

Happy Home,


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  1. I have loved reading through your adventures this past year and excited for y'alls future adventures in the coming months! This blog has caused my travel-itch to hit full force. :)

  2. Thanks Alex!! I'm really happy to hear that you enjoy reading our blog. Thank you for the good wishes. I wish you some travel adventures in 2013! :o)