December 13, 2012

Home Cooked Goodness!

Sky took advantage of having access to a fully stocked kitchen the other night to make us an awesome meal. We'd bought fresh brussel sprouts earlier in the week and he was excited about cooking with them for the first time. He sauteed them in a red wine, golden raisin and purple onion concoction, and then sprinkled the finished product with crispy bacon. He also cooked up quinoa and baked a filet of salmon. He kept the salmon simple by just squeezing some lemon juice and sprinkling dried dill on top. We served the meal with a fresh bottle of red wine and it was super yummy!

Brussel sprouts, purple onions and golden raisins!
Brussel sprouts, purple onions and golden raisins!
Freshly made quinoa
A meal of salmon, quinoa and sauteed brussel sprouts
The meal!
Have I mentioned how nice sit down dinners with the family are?

Happy Nummy Dinners!


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  1. That looks awesome! We should have you all over for dinner before you sail off for new shores.

  2. Sounds great Jenn!! I just got some great new recipes for dessert we could try out. :)