July 20, 2012

Dental Hygiene in the Trailer

Now wait a minute...just 'cause we live in a trailer don't mean we don't brush our teeths. (All said with a heavy drawl). We brush and floss daily. Its almost a necessity since we don't currently have dental insurance. Chloe and Sammy on the other hand, yeah they talk so much trash that they have the smelliest breath around. So we finally decided to do something about it.

Dental Health Kit that we used this morning
We picked up a Dental Health Kit (for free! someone left a brand new pack at the local dog park!) and Sky brushed both Chloe and Sammy's teeth this morning. I guess the toothpaste tastes alright since both pups didn't seem to mind too much. I think it might have tickled a little, but overall the experience went much more smoothly than we imagined. 

Sky, brushing Chloe's teeth
And then Sammy's
Yay for minty fresh breath! Kisses for everyone!

Happy Brushing!


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