April 18, 2012

Our First Visitors!!!

A couple we made friends with while living in Memphis happened to be on their own cross-country tour, and were nearby, visiting the Carlsbad Caverns, just as we were pulling into Alamogordo. We happily invited them to be our very first visitors in the trailer!

Carolina and Jeremy

Carolina and Jeremy are making the move to Salt Lake City, and were driving through the country from New Jersey, visiting friends and landmarks along the way. They came over to the RV park, we made guacamole and fajitas, and caught up on whats happened since the last time we saw each other over cold Dos Equis.

In the morning we had a feta, onion and fresh farm egg omelet (thanks to our awesome Couchsurfing host family in Roswell!!), with greek yogurt and coffee. Afterwards we said our goodbyes, and they headed to Santa Fe and we to White Sands National Monument.

Happy Catching Up With Old Friends!


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