April 26, 2012

Arizona Craziness

Did you know that the state of Arizona does not observe Daylight Savings? No? Neither did we. (Or did we miss the memo?) We were thoroughly confused when, after crossing the border into Arizona, the clocks on our phones went back another hour. I conferred the US map, and made sure that I wasn’t wrong on where the next time zone was supposed to be (between Arizona and California), and when I determined that yes, all of Arizona was indeed still in the Mountain Time Zone, I googled it and realized that the whole state had chosen to not participate in the Daylight Savings. What? That’s crazy and horribly confusing to poor travelers like us. But the upside is now we’re on California time! :o)

Also, today we had a freak snow storm. Heavy rain was forecasted for all morning, and we woke up to the sound of rain drops on our roof (rain is HORRIBLY loud inside Lucy!). After a while, we looked out the window and saw this:

Huge flakes of snow!
And then an hour later...back to this:

All the snow melted...sunny again in Arizona
Happy Crazy Arizona,


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  1. I think Indiana also does not observe DST! I've been catching up on your travels--sounds like you all are having a blast. :)

    1. Sweet, we'll keep that in mind! Thanks for writing a reference for us on Couchsurfing!