March 27, 2012

Cooking in a Travel Trailer

We've had several questions on what we eat in the trailer. The answer? Pretty much what we used to eat back home. We have a three burner gas stove, an oven and a medium sized refrigerator, so we have access to the same ingredients and preparation methods. Generally breakfast is oatmeal, cream of wheat or cereal (with coffee! got to have the coffee!). Lunch is mostly packed up sandwiches, chips and fresh fruit for site-seeing picnics. Dinner is always hot, and made on the stove. Since the refrigerator space is somewhat limited, and we don't have a microwave, we stay away from making large portions, we generally eat everything we make. Our favorites are Thai dishes, soups and taco salads. Here is some Thai Spicy Basil Chicken we made using this recipe:

Spicy Thai Basil Chicken
I recently made lasagna, and even though it was awesome, it was barely worth all the dishes and oven heat. (The RV heats up inside when we're cooking, so if its a hot day outside, we try to run the stove/oven as little as possible, and cook something quickly). We used this recipe, and it made so much, that I ended up making two portions, and we froze one for another night.

Lasagna baked in our little oven
Since we're in German country right now, we have access to some awesome Bratwurst. We bought a six pack from a local meat market, fried up two links with potatoes and sauerkraut for a traditional German meal. The remaining 4 links I cut up and made Sausage Soup with using this recipe. We didn't have any chicken broth or bow tie pasta, so I substituted 2 cans of Campbell's chicken noodle soup, and it came out very yummy.

Sausage Soup!
Frozen cherries and blueberries make an awesome dessert on hot evenings. 

I also made an awesome discovery today! I really like sweet and salty combinations, and usually mix random ingredients. We bought some salsa the other day, and made the mistake of buying cheap salsa in a jar. It was pretty flavorless and not very good. Today, while eating applesauce, I decided to mix the two together and to see what would come out. I mixed 1/3 applesauce (regular flavor) with 2/3 medium spice salsa, and it came out tasting like mango salsa! Yummy! I'll be making that again.

Happy Cooking in the Travel Trailer!


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