March 19, 2012

Check Out My New Mountain Bike!

As I mentioned before, we had been on a hunt to find me a new bike. While in Austin, I'd been perusing the Craigslist ads, and there were so many choices. I would say there were at least 200 new listings just under the For Sale, Bikes category every day! On the last day we were in Austin, I logged on Craigslist, set the search parameters, and immediately found a listing that had all the right qualities. We gave the guy a call, he met us 30 minutes later at the local HEB, I test drove the bike in the store parking lot, and 80 dollars later I owned a new bike! Here she is:

I decided to go with a mountain bike over a road bike because those tires can take me down all kinds of terrain.

Happy future biking!


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