March 13, 2012

Fredericksburg, TX

We have spent the last few days in Fredericksburg. This is a super quaint town about 70 miles west of Austin. With a population of only 10k you would think it would be pretty boring, but if anything, it has turned out to be extremely inviting, relaxing and picturesque. There is a long Main St (about a mile long) that is filled with boutiques, cafes, restaurants, galleries, museums, ice cream parlors, and candy stores.

Main St.
Hints of history 
On both sides of Main street run two parallel streets that are also filled with cafes and boutiques, as well as adorable Bed and Baths. This town is of German heritage, and this is visible almost everywhere, starting with delicious German food, freshly brewed German style beer and the quaint architecture of most of the buildings.

St. Mary's Catholic Church 
Adorable European style homes are everywhere!
Cute cottages abound
We managed to find an awesome place to park out trailer (no fees!!) through our account on Couch Surfing. We contacted a gentleman, who owns a hotel right off of the historic downtown, and he offered us a great place. We are within two blocks of Main St., so we go walking a lot.

This town is also located on Hwy 290, and within 20 miles of town center, there are just under 30 wineries! This area is known as the Napa Valley of the South. We heard most offer free tastings, we'll peruse those later this weekend...

I am also really excited that I got my new bike just in time! This town is just big enough to have plenty to explore without it being so spread out that it's hard to get places on bike. We pulled into town the week of Spring Break, and also during Hell Week (a bicycle fest with daily rides through the countryside). Tuesday Skyler joined them for a 60 mile ride while I explored town and biked 11 miles while taking pictures.

Hell Week bike ride
More pictures of Fredericksburg can be found here.

Happy Fredericksburg Exploring,


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  1. For real? You pulled the Couchsurfing thing? AWESOME!

    (Austin is our first time doing it.)