October 11, 2012

Plymouth, MA

Skyler’s mom flew in from Fayetteville (our hometown) on Tuesday night. Her flight was due into Boston’s Logan Airport at 10:30 pm, but because of delays the flight didn't actually get in until just after midnight. Needless to say, all three of us were pretty pooped that night and slept in well into the morning on Wednesday. After a slow breakfast and a long walk with the pups around the beautiful RV park grounds we decided to make the 15 mile drive to Plymouth for the afternoon. On our way out there we drove by a few local cranberry bogs in hopes of showing Pattie the wet harvest.

Cranberry wet harvest in Massachusetts
We found a cranberry bog during wet harvest!

Plymouth, also known as America’s Hometown, is home to the famous Plymouth Rock where the pilgrims first landed on the Mayflower ship in 1620. Plymouth is where New England was first established and is also where the first Thanksgiving Feast was held (making it a popular destination during that holiday). The town is located 30 miles south of Boston on the Atlantic coast and just north of Cape Cod.

One of the most famous attractions in town is of course the Plymouth Rock. The unexpectedly small boulder sits under a granite memorial on Water Street in Plymouth harbor. The rock is meant to mark the exact spot where the pilgrims disembarked. But what’s funny is that the rock itself is so tiny. I guess when I imagined PLYMOUTH ROCK I imagined something like this:

Haystack rock on Cannon Beach in Oregon
Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach in Oregon
And instead it looks like this:

The Plymouth Rock in Plymouth Memorial State Park in Massachusetts
Skyler admiring the tiny Plymouth Rock
The rock is part of the Plymouth Memorial State Park, the smallest state park in Massachusetts. The park is one of the most heavily visited parks in the state parks systems with nearly one million visitors a year. That’s a lot of people coming from all over to see this little pebble! :o)

Skyler and Pattie under the Plymouth Rock sign in Plymouth, Massachusetts
Sky and his mom at Plymouth Rock
The Plymouth Rock Memorial in Plymouth Memorial State Park in Massachusetts
The Plymouth Rock Memorial
View of Plymouth harbor from Plymouth Rock Memorial in Plymouth, Massachusetts
View of the Plymouth harbor from Plymouth Rock
Mayflower ship replica, the Mayflower II, in Plymouth Memorial State Park in Massachusetts
The Mayflower II
The waterfront is only a few blocks away from Plymouth’s Main Street making the town quite walkable. We strolled around for a while and then found the perfect place for a light lunch on North Street, just off of Main Street, called the Blue Blinds Bakery. The cafĂ© was super cute inside with nautical and colonial themes, and smelled of freshly baked breads and bakery goods. We took our lunches outside to the tables under the covered porch and afterwards stocked up on a collection of freshly made muffins and sticky pecan buns (epic!) for next morning’s breakfast.

Lunch on the covered patio of Blue Blinds Bakery in Plymouth, Massachusetts
Lunch at the Blue Blinds Bakery
Since it was Pattie’s first day and because we were all still a bit tired from staying up late the night before, we decided to not overdo it. After Plymouth we took a drive down the coast towards Cape Cod and then headed back to Middleboro after a quick visit to the Atlantic Ocean on Sagamore Beach. The coast was deserted and all the facilities were boarded up for the season. The last hurrah for this beach had been Columbus Day weekend.

Boardwalk to Sagamore Beach in Massachusetts
Sagamore Beach
Skyler walking on Sagamore Beach in Massachusetts
Sky walking on Sagamore Beach
To see more pictures of Plymouth, click here.

Happy America’s Hometown Discovering,


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  1. What a picturesque view! It is not every day that you see that kind of breathtaking scene! And yes, a lot of people admire the Plymouth Rock because of its historical significance. I, for one, would like to see it again!