October 27, 2012

New York City

On the last day of visiting Lindsay in Stamford, Skyler and I took the train back into New York City, this time to explore by ourselves. We had been to the city before several times so we didn't have a specific itinerary of must-see things. Instead we chose to just wonder around and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city streets. We walked from Grand Central station to Times Square, through the Fashion District, to Chelsea. We’d recently watched a documentary on Netflix about urbanization and one of the projects included in the video was the High Line park installation. Since we were in the city and were nearby, we decided to visit the new addition.

Grand Central Station in New York City
Grand Central Station
Times Square in New York City
Times Square
Fashion District in New York City
Fashion District
The High Line is a renovated section of elevated railroad tracks that ran through the Lower West side of Manhattan. For years the tracks had stood abandoned; an eyesore for the city. Then a nonprofit group came together and advocated that the tracks be recycled into public use space and turned into a greenway. In 2009, the first section of the renovated train tracks opened to the public, and the second section opened in 2011. There is an untouched northernmost third section still awaiting transformation. Today you can walk on the elevated platform, between buildings and above streets. There are plants and grasses that grow where the tracks used to be, creating a park-like effect. There is also lots of visible street art, making for a nice stroll in the city. We joined the promenade just outside Chelsea market, and walked to the end of the northern tip.

The High Line park in New York City
A portion of the High Line seen from Chelsea 
Views off of the High Line in New York City
Walking on the High Line 
Views off of the High Line in New York City
Views off of the High Line in New York City
Views off of the High Line in New York City
Views of the Empire State Building from the High Line in New York City 
Afterwards we strolled along 5th avenue, past the high end boutiques, the Empire State Building and the Trump Tower. We made our way to Central Park and then wound our way, following the trails, to the Mall, to the Bethesda Fountain and then to the Sheep’s Meadow. The fall colors on the trees weren't as pretty as I was hoping, but then again, Central Park is amazing no matter what season it is.

Empire State building from fifth avenue
Empire State building from below 
Walking on fifth avenue
Walking on 5th Avenue 
The Mall in Central Park in New York City
The Mall in Central Park 
Under the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park
Under the Bethesda Terrace  
Sheep's Meadow in Central Park
Sheep's Meadow in Central Park
We finished out of our visit to the city by walking back through Times Square after dark. We stood right in the middle and spun in circles, taking in all the activity and bright lights. Here is a 360 degree video I shot that night:

To see more pictures of New York City, click here.

Happy Big Apple exploring!


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