January 05, 2013

Inspiration For The New Year

So how is everyone doing on following through with their New Year's resolutions? Me? Not so good. I didn't really go into the year with specific resolutions, but I did have some general life goals in mind. So far: eating healthy, Check! sticking to a regular running schedule, Fail....Well, in case you've been looking for some motivation on getting in shape this year, look no further than this epic blog.

Ben and Jackie are a couple we met while living in Memphis. At that time in our lives we were both training for our first half marathons. When we moved back to Fayetteville we kept in contact through Facebook and one day I saw that they were moving to California. Given that I am in love with California and the West Coast in general, I was super happy for them. Several months after they moved there I started to see pictures of them on Facebook from their CrossFit classes, and I started following their picture updates to see their progress. Many of my friends have joined CrossFit lately and I've heard that that program whips you into great shape fast. It also kicks your butt in the meantime.

Jackie and Ben at CrossFit
In the next few months, the progress was obvious. Ben and Jackie looked amazing and could do amazing things. This year they ran their first marathon, the LA Marathon. They signed up and trained up for their first Half Ironman, the Orangeman 70.3 Half Ironman, and Jackie ran 30 miles on her birthday to commemorate the years. And that's just the beginning of what all they did this year. In November Ben completed the Ironman Arizona, THE WHOLE THING! and in only 10 hours, 32 minutes and 57 seconds!

Ben's documented progress over the years
Ben and Jackie at the Orangeman Half Ironman
I recently found Ben's blog, where he's documented his training journey over the last year. I started at the very beginning (here) and read to his latest achievement, the Ironman race. I'm super excited to read along as Ben and Jackie continue their awesome adventures.

Ben and Jackie this year
These guys are so inspirational! I'm really happy that Ben has decided to share his journey online, so that we can all glean some motivation.

Happy Ironman Reading!


P.S. While writing this entry I was referencing Ben's blog for pictures (which by the way I stole all these awesome pictures from his blog), and I got so excited about exercising and running that I went for a run myself. See? The motivation is magical! :o)

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